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Amazon are a relative newcomer as a tablet manufacturer – starting out as an online book retailer, and quickly establishing themselves as the world’s leading online shop. In 2007 they launched their flagship eBook reader – the Amazon Kindle – which enabled users to store and read eBooks from a tablet like device. This became very popular, quickly becoming the most popular dedicated eBook reader in the world. In 2010 these Kindle devices became available with WiFi and 3g capabilities, giving users the ability to surf the web. In 2011 the Kindle Fire was released, enabling full colour touch screen browsing, 8 hours battery – and a year later the Kindle Fire HD was released – offering a better screen, longer battery life – available as a 7″ screen in the UK, and the option of an 8.9″ model in the US.

The Amazon Kindle Fire is a low priced 7" tablet manufacturer by Amazon, featuring a 1.2GHz processor and 1GB RAM, as well as free unlimited cloud storage. Battery life is an impressive 8-9 hours, and the weight is just 400g. At only 18.9 cm long, it's easily small enough to be stored in a backpack - keep reading for our Kindle Fire review.
Amazon Kindle Fire Review
The Amazon Kindle Fire HD is a 7" tablet manufactured by Amazon, aimed to rival Apple's iPad range. Either 16 or 32GB memory, a 1.2GHz processor and up to 11 hours of battery life, it still weighs just under 400g. Measuring the same size as a small book, it is highly portable, offering you books, music, web and e-mail at your fingertips. Read on for our Kindle Fire HD review.
Amazon Kindle Fire HD Review

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