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Compaq Laptops – Compaq Laptop Reviews – Buy Compaq Laptops online – reviews, specifications, and details of laptops by Compaq. Our comprehensive range of laptops by Compaq offer something for every budget. Compaq was founded in 1982 by Bill Murto, Rod Canion, and Jim Harris – all former former Texas Instruments employees. The company HQ was in Harris County, Texas – this now serves as it’s parent company HP’s headquarters. Specialising in the production of personal computers, throughout the 1990’s Compaq expanded to become to leading supplier of PC systems before eventually being overtaken by Dell in the early 2000’s. After the dot com bust, Compaq struggled, and was acquired by HP in 2002 for $25 billion – this Compaq brand is still used for lower end systems, and offer good value and reliability. Together with HP, Compaq are currently the leading PC manufacturer, having overtaken Dell in 2006. Below are a selection of Compaq’s products, including Compaq laptops – each with reviews, specifications and latest prices.

The Compaq CQ58 250SA notebook is part of HP's lower end notebook range, offering a perfectly functional specification for a pretty low price. Granted, no laptop in this price range will be able to play the latest games at the highest settings, but with Intel's Celeron B830 1.8GHz Processor and 4GB of RAM fitted, this laptop will be suitable for the majority of day to day computing tasks. Read on for our Compaq Presario CQ58 250SA review.
Compaq Presario CQ58 250SA Review
The HP Compaq CQ58-253SA is Compaq's reasonably priced mid level notebook, with emphasis solely on function rather than design - featuring a solid Intel Core i3-2328M running at 2.2GHz, in addition to 4GB RAM, and a generous 500GB hard drive operating at 5400RPM. Also included is the Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics card, an integrated webcam and the latest stable Windows 8 Operating system from Microsoft. Read on for our Compaq CQ58-253SA review.
HP Compaq CQ58-253SA Review
The Compaq CQ57-460SA is a mid priced 15.6" screen notebook, fitted with Intel's Core i3 380M 2.53GHZ Processor, 4GB of RAM, a 320GB Hard drive operating at 5400rpm, integrated Intel graphics card, a webcam, DVD drive all running on Microsoft's Windows 7 Operating system. Available for around £300.00, this is notebook seems to be aimed for students and households - if you're after a cheap yet powerful laptop, then read on for our review of the CQ57-460SA.
Compaq CQ57-460SA Review

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