Logitech Z205 Speakers Review

The Logitech Z205 laptop speakers is a speaker system specifically designed for laptops - dramatically improve your inbuilt laptop speakers with this simple Logitech upgrade.

Below is our review of the Logitech Z205 Speakers finished in black.

Got a new laptop, but are disappointed with the poor built in speaker system?  The Logitech Z205 speakers are designed to replace your laptop speakers, offering a dramatic improvement on your regular speakers.

They are only USB powered, but still provide an incredible audio performance, with a deep bass and good overall tone.  Our testers were uniformly impressed with the sound quality, especially considering they weight just 349g, and measure just 21cm in width.

Output is 1.2w, and so won't be quite as good as Logitech mains powered speakers - however in terms of portable speakers you won't find many better.  The clip system means the speaker system easily attaches to the top of your laptop's screen, so you can use this product whilst on the sofa or the floor without any issues.

If you're looking for decent audio quality whilst out and about, then we'd highly recommend the Logitech Z205 laptop speakers - powerful yet compact audio solution.

Logitech Z205 Pros and Cons

Pros: Awesome improvement on standard laptop speakers

Cons: If you only use your laptop at home, you may wish to buy some mains powered speakers - however for those out and about they're ideal.

Our Verdict for the Logitech Z205 Speakers

If your laptop speakers aren't up to standard, the Logitech Z205 laptop speaker system is must have - they produce awesome sound, are extremely portable, and look great.  If you regularly listen to music on your laptop, then the Z205 speaker system is an essential upgrade.

You can buy the Logitech Z205 Speakers here, priced at just

"The quality of the sound from the Logitech Z205 is simply superb with enough deep bass and decent range of tone."

"The Logitech Z205 provides a great improvement on my built in laptop speakers, very pleased!"

"The Z205 is an excellent mid range speaker, perfect for your laptop or netbook."

"Stunning sound quality! Simple to fit and easy to use. Easily fits inside my laptop bag. I'd recommend the Logitech Z205 speakers to all."

Reviewed by Techdesigns Staff on . Rating: 5.0

Logitech Z205 Features

  • Lightweight, clip-on Logitech Z205 speaker attaches easily to either your laptop or netbook, dramatically improving the sound quality.
  • Dual drivers immerse you in a rich stereo sound experience.
  • Plug-and-play connection with a single simple USB cord.
  • A protective carry case is included, to help keep your Logitech Z205 speaker protected on the go.
  • Clean look complements the style of modern multimedia notebooks, whilst improving sound quality.
  • Overall weight of just 349g - hugely portable lightweight Logitech Z205 laptop speaker system.
  • Measures just 21cm by 9cm by 4.8cm
  • 1.2 watts output.

Logitech Z205 Specification

Manufacturer: Logitech Speakers
Model: Logitech Z205
Type: usb powered
Power: 1.2w
Colour: black
Our Rating: 5.0 out of 5
User Rating: