Panasonic Microwaves

Panasonic is a Japanese company that was founded by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918. Initially specialising in lamp sockets, they evolved to produce a variety of products, ranging from bicycle lamps to motors, electric irons and eventually televisions and other domestic electrical appliances.

Panasonic produce a range of microwaves, which are divided into three main categories; solo, grill and combi. Panasonic microwaves are known for being well constructed and for their reliability.

Panasonic Solo Microwaves

These microwaves offer simply the basic microwave functionality, with no grill or convection oven built in. These microwaves are typically cheaper to buy than the grill or combi alternatives, simply as they require less components to manufacture, and are ideal for both cooking, defrosting and re-heating food and liquids. Prices tend to start at around £60 for solo microwave ovens, and increase depending on size and features.

Panasonic Grill Microwaves

Panasonic also produce a range of grill microwaves, with prices starting at around £100. A grill microwave is fairly self explanatory, and essentially combines an electric grill with the standard solo microwave, thus enabling you to grill, brown and crisp food stuffs. This can save money when compared to the cost of using a regular electric grill.

Panasonic Combi Microwaves

A combi microwave (combination microwave oven) is essentially a microwave combined with an oven and grill. This enables you to reheat, cook, defrost, grill, bake and roast foods – as such it’s an all in one cooking machine. Combi microwaves are very versatile and flexible, and Panasonic produce a fairly comprehensive range, with a model to suit most people’s needs.

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If you need a microwave, then you'll be interested in our new section: We will soon be adding a microwave oven section to our website, where we will provide reviews of solo, grill and combi microwaves, as well as cheap microwaves and other kitchen appliances.

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