Exclusive Deals

A new website to help find cheap clothing, shoes & accessories

A secreenshot of the Exclusive Deals website, featuring clothing, shoes & accessories dealsI’ve recently helped to work on a new website, which aims to provide it’s visitors with a large selection of categorised discounted apparel.

Essentially it displays designer clothing and shoes deals all with around 60% savings. I helped with sections of the back end, as well as ensuring the front end was clean and easy to browse on desktop, tablet and mobile alike.

All of the deals featured are hand selected, edited and published – admittedly this is a time staking process, but ultimately it results in a site which is remarkably easy to use. Each item can be browsed by brand name, size, colour and category. Simply select your size in any given category, and you’ll be presented with a range of items, all of which will be at least half price.

We decided to only provide links to established retailers to help avoid any potential issues with fake products – a pitfall when working with designer labels. Similarly, we don’t list unknown brands in order to ensure the products are of high quality, yet without the inflated RRPs sometimes associated with lesser known manufacturers. Both of these factors help prevent you from getting ripped off, and ensuring that the deals listed are actually offering decent savings – otherwise they would be no point listing them.

The majority of the product categories are divided up into Men’s and Ladies Clothing, with these further divided into the various relevant subcategories (Men’s Jeans, Ladies Tops etc), each of which in turn should feature several hundred active deals. There’s also sections for footwear, accessories, and a few household items too.

These subcategories have each been individually designed depending on the product type, in order to present the user with the easiest browsing choices. For example, the footwear pages are manually maintained so that half sizes are combined into full (i.e. 9.5 is converted by us into a size 9), which the user can select with a click, to narrow down the footwear results so they’re relevant to their size. These search results can then be further refined by colour scheme and brand names.

Users can also browse all results by their favourite brand names (Armani, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss etc), or even by size (Small, Medium etc), and with several thousand deals currently listed, then most users will hopefully find something suitable on sale.

And so onto the slight negatives: If a user is looking for a specific item by a certain brand then chances are that it won’t be listed – we have no control over the deals we can find and publish. However, if you’re simply looking for a new Hoodie or a present for a friend, then there’s a good chance you’ll find a bargain.

Also, as the website is human edited, we will occasionally make mistakes with pricing, RRPs or even just not removing deals as soon as they run out. There will be a few teething problems, but for the most part it seems to be working well thus far.

Feel free to get in touch with any feedback – and hopefully the website saves you some money in the long run 🙂